Life Lately: May Journal 2020

The month of May felt like I ran a marathon and yet to get the exhilarating feeling that comes with completing one. Right now, all I feel literally and metaphorically is searing pain in my quads, a tightness in my hamstrings and a numbness that only comes from your brain being unable to process the sheer quantity of pain its receiving from all parts of the body.

However, there were momentary water breaks towards the end of the month for which I’m immensely grateful. In my April Journal, I mentioned that it’s still going to be a great year and I’m not giving up on this confession, irrespective of how tiring and intense May was.

Here are some highlights from the month of May:

Reading: I didn’t read any books. I started so many but lost interest along the line. I feel the fact that Anybooks app is no longer free is partly to blame and many of the books I would love to read are not available in my country for Scribd. It’s so infuriating. Let’s not talk about the man hours I spend on Netflix. The good news is I started reading my bible again and it was refreshing starting my day with God.

Watching: Boys Over Flowers on Netflix. It’s the only K drama I’ve been able to bring myself to watch. I’ve actually seen this series before. I saw it during my uni days and it was and still is a tearjerker. My sister’s solution to keeping the tears at bay is to try not to listen to the soundtracks in the movie. So far this tip works😂.

Listening: Chike’s 2020 album, ‘Boo of the booless’. Initially when the rave for this album started, I just downloaded ‘Roju’ (the 6th track on the album) which I got to hear on someone’s Instagram Stories and I liked it but I did not bother checking out other songs on the album. Later this month, I stumbled on more songs on my sister’s phone and I got hooked, so I downloaded all the songs off his album. My favorites so far are ‘Out of Love’, ‘If you no love me’ and ‘Forgive’.

Loving: I made some additions to my make up collections. I got the Classic foundation and I love the feel of it. I also got L.A girl pro conceal concealers in a lighter and darker shade so I can begin practicing on highlighting and contouring. All that is left is proper setting powder and setting spray. The art of eye-shadow and eye liner application is way out of my league but in this thing called makeup, I’m taking baby steps. I hope the fifty ‘leven YouTube videos I’ve watched will pay off soon.

Wanting: I’ve been wanting a tripod stand for a while now. I want to try out self portrait photography. I can’t trust people to take my pictures. Most times it either comes out crappy or I don’t feel at ease to be myself when others take me. However, I’m still contemplating if this is going to be a worthy investment for me, my blog and the gram 😖.

JUNE GOALS: I’m desirous that June is going to be a cold glass of water bringing the much needed relief I’ve been craving. Although with the mountain of reports and deadlines I have to meet this month, I wonder if this desire is far fetched 😂! God help me!

How did May fare for you? Share in the comment section below👇🏾

Life Lately • April Round up

Happy New Month!

I find it strangely calming watching vlogs or reading blogs on what people have been up to lately. However making or creating similar kind of content makes me a tad bit vulnerable which would be a discussion for another day.

I’m feeling brave today so I’ll proceed to share some highlights from last month.

Last month, I …

watched a lot of Netflix movies. An unhealthy amount even. I recently completed a series called Never have I ever. I surprisingly enjoyed it. Surprisingly because I have been avoiding seeing it, I felt it maybe another tale of highschool drama and teenage angst and all that and I was not in the mood. But it’s fairly decent. Although I feel if more seasons are rolled out the movie will end up being really crappy so I feel it should end the way it did and no more. I’m currently gearing up to watch Extraction. I hope I enjoy it because i know crime and violence is not my cup of tea.

Last month, I…

read or rather didn’t complete any book last month. The one I spent all month reading, Love rosie by Cecelia Ahern, I completely it on May 1. Again, It was fairly decent but the story dragged on and on. I’m hoping to turn more pages this month. More of non fiction.

Last month, I…

turned 26. I shared two writers thoughts on the what it felt like and concluded with the plan to cling to audacious hope that sees light at the end of the tunnel.

Last month, I…

desired to attend church because since the lockdown, the only spiritual food I get these days is when my family decides to meet occasionally to share the word or on a very good day I open my bible. I got my desire. I joined in to Hillsong church and it was uplifting and encouraging.

In conclusion, regardless of what is happening, the year is still hurtling ahead. We are in the fifth month already. It is quite discouraging to think that the pandemic has disrupted our calendar but Last Sunday at the online service, the pastor said God’s plan is not on hold because of the pandemic.

I came across another nice picture which said It’s still gonna be a great year. So like I said earlier, I’m keeping hope alive and trusting God and I pray God will help me make the most of this time I have now.

Love and Light.

Veintiseis [Twenty Six]

I turned 26 over a week ago and as much as I tried I couldn’t come up with a profound post on what turning 26 means or feels like. I did have feelings but for some reason I couldn’t express them on paper.

Instead I decided to share snippets of two compositions written by Jessica Blankenship and Sade of In My Sunday Best’s blog respectively. These essays talk about what it feels like turning 26 and I enjoyed them. You can click on the names of the writers to head to the full post.

Jessica Blankenship says:

“26 is perhaps a little less monumental than 25, at least on paper. But as the days pass, things settle in and new thoughts surface; turning 26 brings about a simmering realization that you’re entering your “late 20s”, which will turn into 30, and then quickly 40, beyond which is basically a landslide to the grave.

But it’s okay! 26 is a strange age that simultaneously feels older than you expected, but still refreshingly, hopefully, thrillingly young. It’s possibly the one age where the expression “youth is wasted on the young” holds no authority; we are undeniably, wildly young, but we’ve been young for long enough to know how valuable it is to be so. We have more respect for our youth because, while we aren’t there yet, we can see that it will be done one day”.

Sade of In my Sunday best blog says:

Twenty six, What an age it will be! Twenty Six will look like a crisp glass of cool water, hydrating, nourishing, cooling. It will like my favorite pair of butt enhancing jeans, the ones I wear when I want to feel a little more confident. It will look like new faces, new friendships and a new relationship. Twenty six will sound like ‘Wonder’ by Hillsong United it’ll flow through my eardrums, through my body and out of my extremities and the world around me will be filled with it’s spirit.

Twenty Six will taste like the world in all it’s glory, it will be a banquet, and I will be seated at the head of the table, starved and ready for my fill. Twenty Six will smell like a field in summer – warm, intense, enchanting and exciting, it’ll smell like the freshly roasted coffee in quiet cafe’s that brings people together on a daily basis. Twenty Six will feel like I’ve just run a marathon and beaten my own time, it will feel like pride, patience, excitement and fresh starts. Twenty Six, oh my friends! Twenty Six will be my testimony. Of this I am sure and I cannot wait to share this journey with you. I’m speaking it ALL into existence!


Sade’s confessions at a time like this feels like reaching for the moon or chasing after the wind especially with the current state of the world. However, I’m choosing to still claim her words and cling tenaciously to hope that it’s going to be my best year yet.

Here’s to Twenty Six🥂


“The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?
Jeremiah 17:9 NLT

I recently saw this Netflix movie. A chilling tale about a woman indicted for murder but her lawyer feels there is a conspiracy in play. The 2 hr movie is a cliff hanger with a powerful message on friendships/relationships.

I do not know if any movie has left quite a mark on me as have this movie. It hit close to home and God wasn’t lying when He said: